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Harmonic Sound Baths


What happens during an Harmonic Sound Bath?

The intention behind Harmonic Sounds Baths is to facilitate deep relaxation and the restoration of the body's natural state of healthy resonance.  This is achieved by bathing the body in the sound waves from several different resonant instruments.


As a participant, you will be welcomed and encouraged to set your own intention for the session. You will then be invited to lie down on a comfortable mat and close your eyes, bringing your attention to your breath.


Your facilitator will then create an hour long moving soundscape using drum, crystal singing bowls, native american flute and didgeridoo.


During a sound bath, your body will experience total immersion in the deep harmonic resonance created through the instruments. This resonance permeates the cells of the body, bringing them into harmony.


The instruments are carefully selected to resonate with each chakra centre in turn and during a session, your facilitator will intuitively respond to any dissonance that arises.


As your mind relaxes and you re-focus on what you can hear and feel rather than what you are thinking, your body will be re- energised.

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